Corbin, the teenage, Minnesota-based R&B crooner formerly known as Spooky Black who reminds us of a cross between Yung Lean and King Krule, surprise-released a new EP yesterday in collaboration with rapper/producer Bobby Raps. couch potato, streaming now on Bandcamp, is a seven-song soliloquy that, based on track names like "frozen tundra" and "welcome to the hell zone," is probably/definitely inspired by those grisly Minnesota winters.

With photos of the dudes looking like '90s hackers and a message to fans on their Bandcamp that reads "hello fuck heads / here is an ep we made / we might be gay," it's hard to take these dudes seriously -- that is, until you actually listen to the EP. It's a woozy, meditative work that, in addition to Krule, also calls to mind the lush compositions of James Blake.

Give the EP a listen and watch the grainy, night vision-style video for "welcome to the hell zone," below.

[h/t Fader

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