Helena Bonham Carter has some sage advice for single women in lockdown.

On Tuesday, Bumble debuted their brand new dating campaign starring the Oscar nominee. And while most of the video is dedicated to lamenting over how 2020 has made the already-difficult process of dating even harder, Bonham Carter also had a pretty good solution for everyone unsure of how they're supposed to "cozy up [with someone] when you're meant to stay two meters apart."

Her quick fix? Get a vibrator — or a weighted blanket — to make those long nights of social distancing a little less lonely.

"Also, do nothing," she went on to add. "When the world is going crazy, when you are in shock from something, these are times to do nothing, be still. Forget progress. Just be. Aim for tea in the afternoon and nothing more ambitious." And honestly, we can't think of better advice either.

Watch Bonham Carter's video, below.

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