Heebs are hip these days. So I was flipping through the new catalogue from the mod ceramic king, Jonathan Adler, who has made a fortune out of appropriating certain mid century artisans in the Alexander Girard school of decoration. On the back page, I found these hilarious needlepoint yarmulkas. Fun, no? It got me to thinking that there sure is a whole lot of hip heeb stuff in the air these days. Take Heeb Magazine's sex issue ( aka"the new jew review") who put Sarah Silverman in a spoof on Hassidic glory hole sheets on the cover. And then there's Matisyahu, the fabulous Hassidic Reggae performer (who we wrote about in PAPER a few months ago). There is even a Los Angeles based hilarious hip hop group called Chutzpah among other really smart creative talent that you can find these days on something called the Jewish Music Group!


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