Hedi Slimane Pairs Ballet With Grunge in Debut Video

by Maggie Dolan

While it is enjoyable watching the fashion flock get their feathers ruffled by Hedi Slimane, his fall 2013 grunge couture collection was lackluster -- the clothes not the controversy. There wasn't any beauty. Not even the ugly beauty grunge was known for, but a manicured, mainstream version.

In his premiere video for the house, which focuses on the Permanent collection, Slimane's vision becomes clearer and more attractive. It really is pure beauty. Model and Saint Laurent muse, Lida Fox, is mesmerizing as she pirouettes and arabesques around an abandoned loft in skinny wax jeans, bandeau top and ballerina flats. Her loose, stringy bob and undone button up adding a flair of nonchalance. Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazerr brings the black and white visual to life with her haunting score 'Trick or Treat.'

When paired with the ballet's elegance, the raw, unfashioned context of grunge takes on a new life - no flannel or cheap tricks needed. It's all in the paradox. Timeless grunge? Bad ballerina? Who wasn't attracted to the irreverent attitudes of rogue ballerinas Eva (Zoe Saldana) and Cooper (Ethan Stiefel) in Center Stage? Yves Saint Laurent himself was known for being a contrarian, and his 1976 Ballet Russes-inspired couture collection changed the landscape of fashion. Like Saint Laurent, Slimane's demanding vision is undeniable. Here's to the next chapter.

[via Dazed Digital]

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