Back in April, creative director Hedi Slimane parted ways with Saint Laurent -- and it wasn't exactly a pretty one, seeing as how it involved a whole lot of shade and a $13 million lawsuit. However, Slimane's been pretty silent on the matter -- that is until last night, when he resurrected his Twitter account to take a few misperceptions to task.

In the wake of successor Anthony Vaccarello's debut collection last week, Slimane embarked on a 22-tweet-long "fact check" about his use of the YSL logo (after he shortened the house's name from Yves Saint Laurent to just Saint Laurent), as well as his departure from the fashion powerhouse.

"There have been inaccurate statements on recent articles regarding Hedi and the usage of the YSL historical logo," he wrote, adding at the end that "it is accurate to say that the YSL logo initials were in fact celebrated and championed by Hedi." In between, he tweeted out several photos showing examples of his use of the original YSL logo throughout his tenure. Read his tweets below.

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