HeArt for Haiti: Snag Some Sweet Photos for a Good Cause.

Just like there's no "i" in "team" (thanks, high school gym department!), you can't spell "heart" without "art." This roundabout lede is our way of telling you to check out HeArt for Haiti, an online auction organized by the photo community to help raise funds for Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières to benefit Haitian relief efforts. Dozens of artists have donated their works, including PAPER favorites (and our current West Coast Contributing Editor) Dan Monick, former Beautiful Person Francseco Carrozini and frequent contributor Danielle Levitt. All bidding starts at $250 and the auction ends on June 17th. Place your bid here.

Pictured above: Dan Monick, "St. Paul, MN 8.2008"

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