Usually fan sing-along portions of huge stadium performances are cringe-y, cheeseball moments, but once in a while a Smartphone captures an absolutely knock-out interaction, and in this case we're talking about an Ohio fan who shocked Rihanna into making one of the best reaction faces we've ever seen. Behold:

That's right, over the weekend, Rihanna made a stop in Cincinnatias part of the ANTI World Tour and held out the mic for a front-row fan to sing with her to "FourFiveSeconds" -- you know, typical concert stuff. What she didn't expect though was the incredible voice of Ohio State University administrator Terah Stewart, who fucking hit all the notes, thus birthing an incredible face that needs to meme'd immediately for all future shade/shock purposes.

An even better end to this story? Post-show RiRi followed him back.

Um, our reaction to all this?

[h/t Mic]

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