Gwyneth Paltrow Is Also a Little Mystified by Goop's Advice

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Also a Little Mystified by Goop's Advice

It is the moment we have waited for ever since Gwyneth Paltrow gave directions for anal sex and advised you to put a jade egg in your vagina for a host of vague reasons: Goop doesn't know what the hell its talking about.

The actress went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and was grilled on her almost 10-year-old lifestyle website/store Goop that Kimmel claims to be a fan of. When questioned about "earthing," the process of walking barefoot that allegedly increases your quality of life, Paltrow is stumped.

"I don't know what the fuck we talk about!" She exclaims, laughing.

Kimmel then decides he will turn this interview into a full cross-examination. But what of squatting while urinating – something else Goop advises, he asks. Is that something Paltrow participates in herself?

"I don't know! I've never read that before!" She responds, as her publicist watching backstage gasps and turns away from the dressing room screen.

Finally, Kimmel delves into those darned jade eggs. This one, Gwyneth is ready for:

"So, the jade egg is an ancient Chinese practice where women insert the jade egg in their lady parts to help tone the pelvic floor," Paltrow says.

But how? Says Kimmel.

Then Gwyneth has no choice but to admit the truth: "I don't know," she says.

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