(photo via follow-my-heart.net)

Shia LaBeouf is all about weird art. From his marathon performance in neon spandex to when he knifed his face in the name of art, the not-famous person has really had some madcap-chic, rollercoaster of a year. Now, if even the rattail didn't fulfill you, you can listen to LaBeouf's literal heartbeat on this website as he makes the rounds at SXSW. A project between the Austin, Texas festival and Dazed & Confused Magazine, the sound is transmitted via a heart monitor that LaBeouf is reportedly wearing 24/7. The angle? An attempt to "break down the emotive walls between digital culture, Hollywood and real life," says Dazed. Pretty intimate, huh? We didn't realize there were any walls left between us and Shia, but we're so glad they're gone now.

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