Hashing It Out

Drew Elliott

Crafting the perfect hashtag to sum up your 140-character creation is almost an art form. The hashtag is primarily used to organize topics and make them more searchable, but those comfortable with the Twitter lexicon are using the # to make a statement. You following? Here are some simple tips to getting pounded:

#1. Alliteration is always appreciated.

#2. Think of the hash first. When you come up with something great, compose a tweet that will make your hashtag a punch line.

#3. Punctuation is key. Always capitalize the FirstLetterOfEveryWord.

#4. Replace words with other words that sound like the word you meant to use. For example: I love cute girls from Williamsburg until they stand in front of me at a concert with rat nest ponytails invading my space. #BurgYourPardon

#5. #G4L is always a winner.

Try it out! @drewpsie is just waiting to be overturned as the hashtag king! #TagTics


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