Harvey Keitel Is The Only Bad Lieutenant!

Out on DVD is the new, improved Bad Lieutenant. Accept no substitutes: Harvey Keitel is the only Bad Lieutenant. This special edition of Abel Ferrara's nightmarish 1992 take on a drugged-out and crooked New York cop searching for redemption is still as shocking and brilliant as ever. The new edition ooks terrific and has great commentary by the director describing the renegade way the movie was filmed and how Keitel, who was going through personal problems at the time, channeled his rage and torment into a performance that is nothing short of shattering. With a screenplay co-written by Zoe Lund (who was the star of Ferrara’s Ms 45 and eventually was lost to drugs in real life), the movie is so personal and devastating (and so Catholic too). The fact that there is a remake (and directed by Werner Herzog no less) is more of an affront when you revisit this disturbing triumph. Keitel digs so deep into this character it scars your soul just to watch him.

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