The full trailer for Christopher Nolan's forthcoming WWII thrill-ma Dunkirk has surfaced, and it's sure to draw in the exponential clicks, as one of fandom's most prized jewels is a star.

Yes, Harry Styles--trimmed, 40s cut and all--is part of the gear-wearing ensemble cast, alongside Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, and Mark Rylance. Sweeeern.

The plot surrounds the history-shifting, successful evacuation of British forces from Dunkirk, France under threat of German air strikes.

Behold, Harry basking in the splendor of Tom Hardy walking into the chilly seas.

Rescue me.

Observe Harry, under threat of imminent nautical capture.

And cry out as he screams underwater, in his lil life jacket.

Take my hand!

Watch the full trailer below.

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