Hard-Hitting Journalism at the Charlotte Ronson Show

Jake Stavis and Ian Russell

The front row at Charlotte Ronson was, as per usual, packed with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment alike. Being the curious cats that we are, we tried to stir up a little hulaballoo among these bold-faced types with a potentially unsettling inquiry: who is your favorite Ronson and why? Answers below....

"Charlotte! Cause she's the fashion designer and I love fashion; so absolutely Charlotte." fellow Columbia University Alumna and perfect socialite Tinsley Mortimer

"I don't know them enough to decide, I'm sorry." Olivier Zahm, professional Frenchman and editor of Purple Magazine

"Well... you know what, I get confused between the Joneses and the Ronsons, but I like 'em all, they're really cool. I mean I know some of em better than others, but they're all cool. I love Charlotte though... I'm really here for her, I'm not so much up on what's going on in fashion." Actor Matt Dillon

"Man, that's such an easy question, Charlotte! But Mark is great, we bro down a lot... we had our Christmas party, that was the last time we bro'd down. He's the one I probably know the best out of them, but I love all of them. They're all unique and they're all so special in different ways!" Actor Justin Theroux

Ed. note: Close friend (or so we thought) Whitney Port declined to comment on the issue.


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