Happy Friendsgiving With LIZ!

Happy Friendsgiving With LIZ!

Absolut Electrik and Paper throw the ultimate holiday party

Kat Ward

As the holiday season rolls around, so do promises of food, drink, and relatives you barely talk to. But there is a silver lining, and that lining is Friendsgiving -- a party just for you and your #Squad.

Through its #AbsolutNights program, Absolut has been bringing together friends and friends-to-be for nights of fun and festivity, all fueled by a passion for delicious cocktails. Paper and Absolut joined forces to create the ultimate Friendsgiving event in LA, hosted by musician LIZ. She brought together her BFFs for a celebration of friendship, good times, and early-'00s karaoke.

True to her group's personal brand of holiday cheer, LIZ's dinner quickly evolved into a full-on 90's-inspired karaoke and dance party. "I wanted to have a party that reflected who I am and what my friends love," LIZ told us. "I'm definitely known to be the nostalgic one in my group of friends. I even made a very specific playlist, only '90s and Y2K songs." The artist's own nostalgia-inspired décor sat alongside limited edition Absolut Electrik holiday bottles, which acted as home objects and decorative pieces when not being used for their contents.

One of the joys of any Friendsgiving is being able to embrace the family you choose, the friends who are there to support you through thick and thin. It's also the perfect time to connect people who you know would be best friends as soon as they meet. Noted LIZ, "It was an amazing opportunity to bring my friends together that are from all different walks of life. It was so cool to see them all meet." But launching new friendships is only one part of the event. The real question is, what is really important for hosting a successful party? "Great drinks," LIZ said, laughing. "Great food and a great drinks are definitely key." Happy Friendsgiving with LIZ!

Absolut and Paper bring the best parts of the holiday together.

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