Happy Friday from Feministing!

I've only recently discovered Feministing.com and don't know how I ever got along with out it! In a culture where there are fewer and fewer voices of reason in our mainstream media (really, how idiotic did those people at NBC look pretending they weren't pawns in some maniac's mass-murdering game?), it's important to check in with the fearless females who are making smarter choices.

Besides being whip-smart, these chicks also know how to entertain! Case in point: the clip above of this absolutely adorable kid who has definitely made this dreary, rain-soaked Friday here in L.A. a lot brighter!

The clip below from Feministing has also helped revitalize some of our brain cells whose synapses been severely dampened by today's rain (I know the drought-affected southwest needs it but... HELP! I feel S.A.D) Yet despite what the insightful Jennifer Pozner (from Women in Media & News) has to say below (in this Feministing clip from a PBS show about sexism in reality television) I think this young dude above is more likely to come out the winner when the next generation takes over. (Surely there is some young Simon Cowell practicing his barbed judgements on YouTube as well?)

The folks with the high IQs can talk all they like about the grim realities behind Reality TV but aren't they too often just preaching to the crotchety choir? (It's really kind of amazing to me that Pozner's lecture at a college in "a bluest of blue states" had to be rescheduled because it conflicted with "American Idol" and --given that the latest bunch of college kids spent their high school years being informed by reality TV -- no one would attend any smarty-pants lecture occuring at the same time as TV's Number One show! Actually, amazing isn't the right word. Unsuprising probably is.)

For better or worse, this is The Way We Live Now. Enjoy.

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