I can't resist commenting on all the commotion being made by Bill O'Reilly and his fellow Foxers who have declared a Holy War against anyone who doesn't step in line with their hysteria of the moment. Even Mr. & Mrs. Bush get the treatment thanks to sending out a "Happy Holiday" greeting versus the more secterian "Merry Christmas" that the pagan ritual so richly deserves. (As one who celebrates a festival of lights in another tradition, I can't figure out exactly where I belong in this cosmology.)  Falling for the bait Nicolas Kristof of the New York Times dared O'Reilly to go to Darfur and do a story on genocide giving steam to the faux controversy that would have otherwise died out. Now O'Reilly has responded with some snappy comebacks leading us inevitably to more conversation about the empty subject. I propose a new word that might be the perfect compromise. How about "Happy Choliday."

In any case, here's seasons greetings worth looking at called "It's A Wonderful Internet."


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