Today, February 20th, marks nearly three decades of the rudest, baddest gal, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

BadGalRiRi has shattered records and our hearts with her addictive, warbling anthems; her sonic sorcery has made her the Top-Selling Digital Artist of All Time in just 10 years.

Outside of music, she's a fashion icon... designer... acclaimed actress...


But most of all, Rihanna is a prophet of cool, of shady, of...well, everything.

Ri doesn't have moods, per say...she is a mood in her entirety.

Through one simple eyeball shift, she could eviscerate the very concept of your existence.

Let's celebrate some facets of this genre of emotion, through 20 transcendently peak Rihanna gifs.

May we aspire to be more like you, each day, Ms. Fenty.

1. "Hello, fan."

2. "Oh, you're talking. OK."

3. "This is me being blunt."

4. "Ok, you're cool now."

5. "You are not cool again."

6. "Laughing at you, yes."

7. "Tell me why you're in front of me again?"

8. "Hold on, I need to sip this."

9. "Ok, you were saying?

10. "Why are you talking?"

11. "No, I'm done now."

12. "You have one more chance to say something important."

13. "Why so loud?"

14. *Now Rihanna begins to communicate via barely conceived notions*

15. <<<<<<00>>>>>>>

16. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyhen.....*^^^^^^*

17. ???????????!!!!!vvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

18. *that teal cocktail dress emoji*

19. Heh

20. *catches a glimpse of your checking account available balance*

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