Happy Birthday Nicole Miller!

I went to a really fun dinner on Tuesday night in honor of the wonderful woman Nicole Miller's 25th year in the biz. I love Nicole and it was great to sit down with 200 "close friends" (I know it sounds absurd but it was kind of true that these people have all known/knew each other over the past 25 years in our crazy city) who felt the same way. It was at Chinatown (the old Time Cafe) and it turned out to be so fun, because I saw so many old friends there, including my dear friend Paige Powell who flew in from Portland for the evening.

My table was super cute. I sat next to my old friend Ross Bleckner, the painter, who I adore, and across from the old school chef Kerry Simon, who was a doll (he just opened a new restaurant in Times Square called Spotlight). Lots of other old schoolers were there at our table including the fun Tama Janowitz, who I hadn't seen in ages, the amazing jewelry designer Janis Savit (she is one of the greats), my new BFF Mary Boone (I kid you not -- I've never met her, but she was so nice to me I was suspicious), this cute young scruffy photog named Sam Bassett, and of course my fave person in the world Paige.

Lots more fun folks were there... Cindy Crawford, Allison Sarofim, Bobby Kennedy, Andre Balasz, Karen Duffy (my neighbor who I adore!), Tony Shafrazi, Sara Wynter, Jay McInerney, Zac Posen, the list goes on. The thing about this particular dinner was that it was not an "event." (I go to millions of "events" where people are there for no reason.) It just felt good and fun because everyone was there to have fun and celebrate this person that they all really love -- Nicole who is a super good friend to tons of people. Good vibes. Congrats to her!

(Photos: Mary Boone, Kerry Simon and Paige Powell; Nicole Miller flanked by Andre Balasz and Tony Shafrazi; Me and Ross Bleckner)

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