Golden Globe winner Matt Bomer was born in a lush, dewy meadow in 1812 to a deer nymph, with streaks of amber sun rays dancing through the tree branches above.

Actually, the openly gay father of three was born in Missouri in 1977, and grew up in Texas, but I.can.dream.

It is his birthday, though. Happy birthday, Matt!!!!!! Hi!!!!! Hiiiiiii.

The star of the actor, whose track record includes The Normal Heart, American Horror Story, Magic Mike (s), and White Collar, has been growing more and more each year. And thank f*cking goodness for that.

Thank goodness for you, Matt.

Give me a second.


To honor Matt and his day of existence, here are 12 times MB smiled with only his cruelly gorgeous, blue dagger eye holes.

12. I don't appreciate this, Matt.

11. Why do you do this to me?

10. OK.

9. Yes, I see them.

8. Ma--? oh, there you are.

7. *inhales* Hello, Matt.

6. *Matt lowers himself from tree branch above* You're late, Matt. I--, OK, thanks for the apple.

5. Matt?

4. Matt, come back.

3. MATT.

2. *watches Matt disappear into dusk* Goodbye, Matt.

1. Go--goodbye.

Happy birthday, Matt, you shimmering fawn.
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