Hanson's "Shout It Out" Tour Diary: Part IV

As I write, we're rolling down the road now headed to the final show of the Shout It Out Tour's first leg, coming back to our home town Tulsa, Oklahoma. I often wind up as the last one awake in our traveling troupe during long drives. I guess I enjoy catching the last glimpse of the long winding road, with some classic rock jams playing and shooting the breeze with the rock 'n' roll chariot (bus) driver.

This leg of the tour may be winding to a close, but the touring will carry on very soon with dates picking up heading westward toward California, and we just announced another run of shows that takes us right up to the end of November! A lot of shows, a lot of long winding roads, more journeys ahead with the traveling rock 'n' roll circus.

In the selection of shots this week, I tried to capture a bit more imagery featuring humans -- not quite as much scenery -- but there's still plenty of still life observation going on. Some of my favorites are the shots of Chicago's beautiful Midwestern skyline, and a couple shots from the historic Carnegie Library theatre in Pittsburgh with its ornate molding and deep red curtains. I grabbed a few more self portraits as well, and caught candid moments leading up to the show with Isaac and Zac, and in my most ambitious shots, I attempted to capture a self portrait during the show while in action jumping around on stage. Of course there are some pics from on and around the stage, trying to capture the amazing fans and the excitement of the shows...since that is after all what we are out here between taking pictures.

I hope you enjoy this week's installment. Our roadshow carries on westward soon, complete with iconic desert landscape as we head down the road. In the words of Willie Nelson, "Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway, on the road again, insisting that the world keeps turning our way."

The journey goes on -Taylor H

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