Once upon a time in midtown, self-proclaimed badass Leah McSweeney, the M.O.B's (which stands for Most Official Bitches, a subset of street wear line extraordinaire Married to the Mob) boss, unveiled the "Hands" bikini, fully loaded. With iconic "hands on" artwork by world-renowned graphic artist KAWS, this swimsuit has the potential to do some serious damage. At the bikini launch party, held at Andre Balazs's QT Hotel on Jun. 19th, we spotted roving eyes, a catfight, and extreme pool tossin' and flossin'. There were only 100 bikinis made, so act fast to get yours.

Available at Alife NYC, 158 Rivington St., (212) 375-8116. Colette in Paris and OriginalFake in Tokyo. Visit www.marriedtothemobnyc.com for more info.

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