Hair Extensions That Kill!!!

Watched for the second time this weekend the new crackpot film by Suicide Club director Sion Sono, starring Kill Bill’s “Go-Go” Chiaki Kuriyama, about hair extensions that kill! A cargo container on a dock reveals a truck full of human hair and a woman’s dead body. A morgue attendant (the goofy Ren Osugi) steals the corpse because it keeps growing hair -- out of the mouth, the eye, etc. -- and sells pieces off to beauty parlors. Unfortunately it’s “grudge” hair, filled with the rage of the victim who was kidnapped and had her organs harvested by shadowy villains.

Chiaki Kuriyami plays Yuko, a hairdresser working at the Gilles De Rais Beauty Salon (another cool gag considering Gilles De Rais was a 15th century killer of children). Yuko inherits her partygoing sister’s sad young daughter -- who shows signs of physical abuse. The two stories converge in ways that will make your jaw drop. Such creepy, disturbing, scenes! Tresses growing out of eyeballs, fingernails and cuts makes for hair-raising horror. It’s a real lulu!

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