Is the man in this video singing a song about killing an Iraqi family a U.S. Marine? Curious minds want to know. Not sure what the marines would do if they found out, but if this video gives us a true reading of how our men in the trenches feel about the people we are meant to be protecting we have indeed crossed a line. Even as our draft evading leadership got us into this fix, most people have at least defended our service men. Abu Ghraib was an exception we told ourselves. If this video is what it appears to be and if our soldiers did indeed salughter civilians in Haditha, then the call for getting out must be made louder and louder.

According to CNN: "A music video posted on the Internet that tells a tale about a U.S. Marine killing members of an Iraqi family is being condemned by an Islamic group and investigated by the Marine Corps.

"The four-minute song, "Hadji Girl," appears to be sung by a Marine in front of a cheering audience. The lyrics talk about the Marine gunning down members of an Iraqi woman's family after they confront him with automatic weapons."


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