At a book signing for her new culinary masterpiece, It's All Easy, Gwyneth Paltrow chatted with Entertainment Tonight about the book's content (healthy cooking for your kids), and how she applies it to her real life children, Apple and Moses.

The real epicenter of the interview comes when ET host Jen Peros notes that many people were "surprised" that Gwynnie doesn't own a microwave.

"I believe in old fashioned ways of heating things," Gwyneth said.

I say the exact same thing!

And then I shove my pre-made tilapia and rice dinner from the supermarket into my microwave and stare at the wall.

I'm sure Gwyneth has somehow managed to harness artisanal sunlight to cook meals.

The Oscar-winner also noted that dill "offends" her.

'Thank you, thank you,' I whispered to the heavens after hearing those words.

Watch Gwyneth's anti-microwave theories.

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