Guy Maddin's Sissy Boy Slap Party!

Guy Maddin, the director from Winnipeg, Canada, is really like no other. His surreal films like Tales from the Gimli Hospital, Careful, The Saddest Music in the World echo silent movies and early sound American and German films. They are playful, cracked and wonderful. His new film, Brand Upon the Brain, opens May 9th at the Village East Cinema (181 Second Ave. at 12th St.) and it's a silent, expressionistic, sort-of autobiographical work, accompanied by an 11-piece orchestra and guest narrators such as Isabella Rossellini, Crispin Glover, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Justin Bond, etc. It sound sheavenly. But here's one of my faves -- Sissy Boy Slap Party, a lunatic short from 2004. This is the "director's cut" too. Enjoy!

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