Guerilla Girls Go Apeshit at Museums

I got an email from the only Guerilla Girl I have actually ever corresponded with today named Frida Kahlo. For those of you who don't know, the Guerilla Girls are a super-old-school feminist art collective made up of anonymous female artists whose sold mission is to point out how fucked up the art world is when it comes to women... they do amazing stuff, performances wearing guerilla masks, and take on the names of dead female artists.

The collective was invited to create a page for yesterday's Washington Post and you can see here what they did. The numbers are shocking, no? Ninety-eight percent of the National Gallery's art seems to be made my men, and 99 percent is made by white artists. The GG claim that when the Washington Post called to fact-check these numbers, the National Gallery began to scramble through their archives, desperately searching for art made by women and people of color to throw up this week. Ya gotta love the Guerilla Girls.

According to Frida, the Guerilla Girls will start blogging next month for the Huffington Post!!!

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