Tumblr has just released their most reblogged fashion trends of the year -- and the list is exactly what you expected it to be.

At number one we have "grunge"...and that's not even including the qualifiers of "soft" or "pale,' which come in at 15 and 16, respectively. This is all followed by other vague cultural categorizations à la "indie," "hippie" and "alternative" -- though all of these also seem to be pretty 90s anti-fashion "grunge-y" in their leanings. At least in the sense that all these tags seem to be made up of a lot of black, ripped fishnets and unwashed flannel.

And while I'm still a little befuddled as to why we're still using the term "hipster" in late 2015 (self-aggrandizing or not), check out the complete list below and prepare for #alt #pastelgoth #aesthetic.


1. grunge

2. hipster

3. indie

4. vintage

5. pale

6. boho

7. alternative

8. pastel

9. hippie

10. aesthetic

11. urban

12. goth

13. kawaii

14. swag

15. soft grunge

16. pale grunge

17. pastel goth

18. floral

19. korean fashion

20. steampunk

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