Horn of Plenty Double-Disc Set (Kanine)

When rock takes a turn toward art, the results are usually unpleasant. Grizzly Bear's debut album certainly possesses the ingredients for unpleasantness: harmonies without melody, syncopated and off-kilter rhythms, and odd instrumentation. But singer Edward Droste deftly drops all of these elements into a (perhaps uneasy) lockstep, melding them with his enigmatic, eerie voice that transports the listener to a state somewhere between euphoric opium dream and LSD nightmare. Of course, this album was released a year ago. The news here is the release of a double-disc set, the second disc containing 17 remixes of the original Horn of Plenty tracks from supercool DJs like Soft Pink Truth, Efterklang and Simon Bookish. With the originals already having a sort of remixed sensibility, the new tracks are burnished with loops and digital effects that result in a smoother, if less visceral, take on the album -- less of the LSD nightmare and more of the opium euphoria. Jacob Brown

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