Grimes has been gearing up for the November 6 release of her forthcoming LP Art Angels by sharing some new tracks from it, including pop-raver "Flesh without Blood," and the glorious, industrial heave "Scream."

Today, the electronic producer/singer previewed the album's opening track dryly titled "laughing and not being normal" on her own website, which you can listen to here.

With the words "OVERTURE" scrawled across the screen, we're lead into the new territory with alien tentacles: a tune that's 3/4 instrumental, and is vaguely Aphex Twin, vaguely Zelda soundtrack, complete with strings and harps.

After crooning in an indecipherable language, Grimes sings, "When the leaves begin to fall, I try to catch them all," before melting into a dizzying, somewhat-ominous wall of sound.

The tune feels like it would fit perfectly during a concert with the Diva Plavalaguna, from The Fifth Element, and that's a very, very good thing.

Listen to it here.



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