How often does Grimes make you feel sub-par for being a mere run-of-the-mill human while she continues to be the manic pixie of dreams? Everyday? Cool, same, now prepare to feel a lot worse because, as it turns out, Grimes is now writing a novel.

Even though she is attempting to make us feel mildly less insecure with this mutually engaging and self-deprecating anecdote about notes from her editor, it's just not enough.

"Started my novel, but my editor, @hanatruly - informs me that my first chapter needs more showing and less telling," she wrote on Instagram. "Too bad the people don't want a novel comprised entirely of fake facts about a fake universe. re read some good intros to double check and i guess its best to start w a plot. this is gonna be a dang endurance test if there ever was one and don't expect anything good for like 20-25 years."

By the way Grimes is a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, visual artist, and video director. Wbu?

[h/t Dazed]
Image via Instagram

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