Grimes teamed up again with Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers and Lena Dunham's boyfriend fame) for a new track titled "Entropy." Interestingly, Grimes scrapped her first attempt at a follow-up to Visions because she didn't like the direction it was going in. That direction being too pop -- it included a track, "Go," that was originally written for Rihanna -- and "pandering to the radio," according to an interview in the New York Times. Now fast-forward to 2015 and we have "Entropy," what could be considered a sugary pop-song that could be interchangeably sung by Taylor Swift. It's by no means bad -- Taylor Swift songs are catchy! -- but it's definitely Grimes going pop. The Jack Antonoff-produced song appeared last night on Girls, and it certainly sounds like the perfect, glittering soundtrack cut. Listen to it, above.
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