Grimes and Friends' Art Show at Audio Visual Arts

Photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Friday night, Claire Boucher, aka electro-pop chanteuse Grimes, debuted a show at East Village Gallery Audio Visual Arts, featuring her work as well as pieces by fellow Montreal artists Dan Rocca and Alexandra MacKenzie. Boucher, who was in town to play two sold-out sets at Mercury Lounge and Brooklyn's Glasslands, recently told MTV Hive that she was drawn to Rocca and MacKenzie's work because it's "super detailed and Arabesque and creepy and fucked up." Though Boucher was not at the opening when Papermag photographer Rebecca Smeyne stopped by, she snapped some shots of Boucher's work as well as Rocca's and Mackenzie's. Check out our photos below. (All artwork by Grimes unless otherwise noted.)

Artwork by Alexandra MacKenzie
  Artwork by Dan Rocca

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