What's on your holiday wish list this year?

"1. The Nest Holiday Collection -- I actually love to give this candle at the holidays.

2. Acne Jeans -- I love Acne jeans. They are my absolute favorite and I always ask for a pair at Christmas from my husband.

3. Tumi's San Remo Soft Duffel -- I'm a long time fan of Tumi. They're great for all kinds of travel and super durable.

4. Field of Dreams framed in White from my latest Private Collection series, Bhutan: Kingdom of Happiness -- I would like this for my guest bedroom, so that whenever we have house guests, they'll wake up to this tranquil yet whimsical image. It's bound to start their day off right.

5. Gray Malin Beach Towel -- The latest edition of our oversized beach towel feature my images of Coogee Beach andBarcelona. This is the kind of gift that would be unexpected but very appreciated, especially in colder climates."

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