Finally, emojis specifically designed for the girl who hates everything.

Stockholm-based artist and illustrator Lisen Haglund -- whose delightfully dark work can be found in the webshop Nattskiftet as well as on Instagram and her gorgeous Tumblr -- has released a striking set of emojis that will come in handy when you want to convey how cold, dead and black your heart is a smiling poop emoji just won't cut it.

The designs range from simple classics like cracked hearts, whips, and pentagrams to more sophisticated illustrations, like a sexy, smoking Marla Singer.

You can check out the keyboard here, or download the full range of inky goodness for $0.99 in the App Store. (Sorry, Android users, it's only available to Apple users at the moment.) The emojis are also compatible with Facebook, so you can send your friends knives and witches to your cold, black heart's content.

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