Goretastic: Horrible On DVD!

Finally got around this weekend to watching Joe D’Amato's 1981 sequel (sort of) to Anthropophagus: Horrible (Mya Entertainment). Actor George Eastman (aka Luigi Montefiore) is back as the unstoppable cannibal killer transported from his Greek island to (supposedly) America to cause mayhem during the Super Bowl. First injured on a spiked fence, he is mended in a hospital only to thank the staff by jamming a drill through a nurse’s head. Then it’s off to kill a stranger with a table meat saw and then to terrorize a household complete with a little boy, baby-sitter and crippled girl in traction. A priest (Edmond Purdom) assists the cops in tracking the monster and says, “He is creature of evil -- the sparks of God were smothered when the devil took possession of him.” Future director Michele Soavi (Cemetery Man) plays a guy on a motorbike who gets torn apart in this gore-tastic cult classic. In trying to be a “complete” copy of the film, the DVD features extra scenes cobbled from bad videos -- but this is so much better than my fuzzy VHS titled Monster Hunter.

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