Gore Vidal Kicks Ass!

Chances are he won't be around much longer so listen to our home-grown Cassandra NOW! He speaketh da truths! Viva Vidal! Sure, we've heard it all before (especially if you listen to Pacifica Radio) but no one says it quite like Gore Vidal. (His droll delivery is ripe for a SNL send up - Michael McKean could do it brilliantly!)

One of the highlights of my life out here in La La Land was getting the opportunity to meet the great man. Several times. The last time I saw Mr. Vidal was at the premiere for Jarhead. I saw someone wheel him out of the men's room after the screening and I chased after him like a bobby-soxer going after Sinatra. "What did you think of the movie Mr. Vidal?" I asked breathlessly. He didn't really remember I'd met him before (with his nephew Burr Stears, director of Igby Goes Down) but I didn't care. Just to stand near this legend (that no one else seemed to recognize) was worth having to suffer through the movie. "I lived during World War II," he said, then mumbled something I couldn't hear above the din emitting from the cluster-fuck of Prada-suited power-agents near the popcorn stand. "It's all a waste," I finally heard from the aging historian. "A terrible waste."

Then he added. "Where's the party? Do we have to cross the street?" I answered we did and he was terribly annoyed by that (it can't be easy getting around in that wheelchair). But mostly he seemed terribly annoyed by the whole spectacle of this Hollywood
wankfest parading as political consciousness. And he wasn't alone.

Anyhoo, LOVE his comments in this video on The Ruling Class and the Republicans' deft ability at "splitting" and "projecting." Effective tools to manipulate and abuse and control. Lord Almighty! When will we all go into collective therapy and finally stand up to the perps?

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