Gore-a-palooza: Wrong Turn 2

Just watched a straight-to-DVD release from Fox Home Entertainment called Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, the "Unrated" edition -- but since it was never released it's hard to imagine an "R" cut of the film because it's so over-the-top gory. It's about a reality show called "Apocalypse" set in the wilderness of West Virginia. Henry Rollins plays a retired marine who sets six strangers -- a vegan (Erika Leerhsen), a sports star (Texas Battle), a butch girl (Daniella Alonso), etc. -- on a series of challenges in the wild, all recorded on video. But unfortunately there are these pesky inbred hillbilly mutants to contend with that descend on them with murderous fury. Some of the kills are just outrageous (a girl torn in two during the opening credits had me pushing rewind), and that's part of the enjoyment in this Joe Lynch-directed horror film. It's surprisingly a gruesome blast.

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