As many a headline will point out, GOP politicians loooove photo ops with guns. Whether it's those campaign range rounds or Christmas Card display, many a conservative candidate will openly display their love of "freedom" and the 2nd Amendment with a glock-chock salute -- so it's about time some genius decided to Photoshop GOP gun-ops into dildo-slinging snaps.

Aptly dubbed #GOPDildo on social media, it's the brainchild of one Matt Haughey, who has since created a Tumblr to document all the dildos. Originally started it as an act of protest against the Republican Party's refusal to budge of gun control post-San Bernardino and Planned Parenthood attacks, the tag has now spurred a series of hilarious photos that really take the "guns being a metaphorical extension of your masculinity" to the next level.

Talk about a very open carry. Peep a few of our favorites below.

[h/t Daily Dot]

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