Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Slammed

Major players Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are being slammed for collaborating with the Chinese to censor the internet, including, most recently, the US Congressional Human Rights Caucus. In response, Microsoft and Yahoo released a statement: "We urge the United States government to take a leadership role in this regard and have initiated a dialogue with relevant US officials to encourage such government-to-government engagement."

How convenient of them to pass the buck to the government. How about these companies taking a leadership role and at least putting up a fight. In this case, the companies actually have leverage. China needs Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. This sets a precedent not only in China, but anywhere around the world where the governments would prefer to provide the illusion of freedom rather than real freedom. Surely they would fight any efforts by the US government to censor the web -- which is not a far-fetched possibility. Why can't they do the same in other parts of the world.

via Macworld


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