Good Grisly Fun: Harper's Island On DVD!

DVD Pick Of The Week: Harper’s Island is the gleefully gruesome body count CBS series in which a group heads to an island for a wedding and get picked off one by one by a mysterious killer. I was a big fan of this under-appreciated show when it aired -- the kids were cute, the murders grisly and the finale didn’t cheat. It surprised me that this didn’t take off like I thought it should (CBS cancelled it this past season). The first episode had such a great finale (with a character left hanging -- but halved) that I thought it would be a natural. I also remember getting invested in Kidnapped -- a fabulous show on NBC that was yanked mid-season, and I had to wait until the DVD came out to find out how it ended. And Night Stalker with Stuart Townsand was terrific too -- creepy and with a great cast -- but that too got the hook. Thank God for DVD so I can see episodes that never aired. Fortunately, Harper’s Island followed through right up to the end, and it was great fun.

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