Just came back from a Fangoria screening of a stunningly scary new fright film from Europe: Them, which opens Friday at the Cinema Village (22 E. 12th St.) -- you have to see it! Directed by Xavier Palud and David Moreau, it's about a schoolteacher named Clementine (Olivia Bonam) and her boyfriend/writer Lucas (Michael Cohen) who live in a remote cavernous house in the woods. One night they go off to bed and are awoken to hear sounds outside the house and they realize they are not alone. It's based on a true incident that happened in the Czech Republic. The brilliance of the movie is its simplicity and the way it just keeps the suspense building and building without resorting to gore or cheap shots. It's incredibly frightening and really well done. Check out the website (www.themthefilm.com) but don't read too much about it first -- just go and prepare for "them"!

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