Go See The Fall (So Sayeth L.A. Woman Guest Blogger Scott Bradley)

Greetings to the Readers of Ann Magnuson's PAPERMAG Blog! My pal Ann invited me to share something special with you about a movie called The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh.

Before we go any further, you should watch the trailer for this film, which can be seen above or at the movie's official website. (No rush on watching that -- I'll wait for you...)

Okay (assuming you watched it -- but even if you didn't, that's fine)... So, how cool does that look? Extremely, right? I mean, it's got a freaking elephant floating in the water! I saw this movie last week, and, y'know what? It's EXACTLY like that trailer times 10.

Which is to say: It's jaw-droppingly gorgeous and emotionally engaging in its vision of the redemptive power of primal "once upon a time"-kinda storytelling.

It's beautiful and funny and sad and nightmarish and exciting. It's got elephants and a monkey and a very special butterfly. That little girl gives one of the great child performances I've ever seen in a movie. The film's scope is as vast as the planet Earth and as intimate as a hospital room. Imagine Jodorowsky and Tarkovsky collaborating on The Wizard of Oz, and you're about halfway there.

For the rest of the way, you must see the film. And for any of you who might have seen Tarsem's first film, The Cell and dismissed him as nothing but style over substance, I absolutely promise you that this movie represents a leap the likes of which we haven't seen since director David Fincher ascended from a disaster like Alien 3 to a masterpiece like Se7en.

And -- very quickly -- just in case you're wondering who I am: My name is Scott Bradley. I am co-author (with my girlfriend Amy Wallace, and Del Howison) of the upcoming Book of Lists: Horror Which includes an extremely cool list of the Sexiest Movie Monsters by... yes... the Amazing Ann Magnuson, who...

...responded to the enthusiastic email I sent out about The Fall with this opportunity to guest blog about this movie, and I thank her for this opportunity to share with all of you my feelings on the first film of 2008 that I have fallen utterly and completely in love with,

(Note from Ann: Thank you Scott! You've given me a good reason to go to the Arclight and into that fabulous air conditioning. Good gawd, it's been hot here in L.A.!)

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