RIGHT ON to E! television for not being scaredy cats and confirming they're hiring Isaac Mizrahi to work the Academy Award red carpets for them. Their ratings will go thru the roof I promise! I could not believe that people were insulted  by Isaac's shenanigans on the carpet at the Globes. WHATS WRONG WITH EVERYBODY. Isaac was the best pre show celeb style commentator television has ever seen. He was hilarious. He was schmoozy. He was creative! He was surprising. He was self deprecating. He was opinionated. I mean whats UP with everybody. Does NOBODY have a sense of humor? If you just want people up there telling each star they look beautiful and giving them blowjobs thats BORING. Thats not television. Now the academy director is threatening E! and these stupid actors and actresses are complaining. Liz Smith says Scarlett Johanson was "beyond furious" when Isaac felt up her "boob boning" in her gown. Well I do not believe that for one minute. Scarlett Johanson is a young hip person...shes not a religious right prude. Anyway I am so excited to see Isaac meet and greet at the Academy Awards and if anyone thinks hes going to look down someones dress again or squeeze someones boob theyre WRONG cos Isaac is much more creative than that and is not the type of person to repeat himself. The one thing I hope is that Isaac doesnt get freaked out by some of this stupid criticism and become self conscious and hold back on the carpet. Because if he tries to please the critics and water himself down, no one wins. Go for it Isaac.


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