Go Inside an Illuminati Gathering In Singer-Songwriter Liam Finn's New Video

by Abby Schreiber

New Zealand-bred singer-songwriter Liam Finn tapped Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus for his new video, "Helena Bonham Carter." Or, rather, their impersonators. A bunch of celebrity look-alikes both living and dead -- Andy Warhol, Jackie O, Kurt Cobain and Marilyn Monroe all make appearances -- are seen turning up at an Illuminati-ish gathering that's also got Kubrickian shades of the secret sex society from Eyes Wide Shut. Not sure how Finn manages to get an invite but the hirsute musician does and, after getting slathered in sunblock by two masked figures, we see him enter the party. There's all sorts of cult-y shenanigans including champagne-swilling celebs sitting on stretchers and donating blood -- and organs -- for some kind of high priestess.

Of the video, Finn says, "we wanted to tackle the speculatory obsession we have with celebrity culture. We crave scandal and feast on tales of decadence. Who's doing who? Who's going off the rails? Do the Elite belong to the Illuminati and what are they doing behind closed doors?...Perhaps we don't even scrape the surface and the truth is even more dark and wild than we can imagine."

"Helena Bonham Carter" (who, sadly, does not make an appearance in the clip) comes from Finn's third album, Nihilist, out now.

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