Backstage at any fashion show, let alone one during New York Fashion Week, is usually a fabulous mess of organized chaos; it's part of the charm. But designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne seem to have brought a sense of relative tranquility to their Public School runway show this season. The natural beauty looks and use of beautiful neutrals like olive and denim in the collection gave their Spring 2018 collection a very calm and collected vibe, and that serenity carried over behind the scenes. The show was held on a sunny day in Chinatown, at a venue with a back patio where both guests and models were able to chill out. Rather than witnessing just the frenzy of quick changes and beauty touchups, go backstage and you would've also seen models in the corner listening to music and taking a breath. Shocking, I know.

Flip through these backstage photos from Public School to see the madness for yourself.

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Photography by Vijat Mohindra / Styling by Marc Eram / Story by Riley Runnells