Givenchy Designed Some Outfits for Rihanna's Tour

By Max Kessler
Givenchy will be making a line of custom outfits (pictured above) for Rihanna on her new Diamonds world tour. When asked about the outfits, Ricardo Tisci said they represented "female empowerment" and described Rihanna as "punk and talented...the face of her generation." We're not so sure about all that, but the outfit looks cool. [via Fashionista]

Givenchy also enlisted Aussie actor Simon Baker as the face of its new men's cologne, Gentlemen Only (we repeat: Gentlemen Only). [via The Cut]

Chanel just released a video about the history of its famous tweed jacket. The video gives a quick rundown of its history and includes an archival interview with Coco Chanel herself. [via fashionologie]

Zahia Dehar, the call girl-cum-couture lingerie maker (whose underwear Mickey snapped in one of his Paris Fashion Week diaries) stood up Leah Chernikoff (Editorial Director of Fashionista) when they tried to interview her: "Yes, we waited for two and a half hours for Zahia Dehar and she still never showed up, despite multiple reassurances that she was on her way. We waited out of curiosity, then rage, then utter disbelief." Ouch. We've never waited for two and a half hours, but even waiting half that time for an interview is the worst. 

Hermès and Jaeger-LeCoultre collaborated on a very limited-edition and very futuristic Atmos clock. [via Selectism]

Fashionista has it on good word that Kate Upton will cover the June issue of Vogue.

Tina Turner is on the cover of Vogue Germany! We repeat: Tina Turner is on the cover of Vogue Germany! [via OMGblog]

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