If Ginesse hasn't found her way to your Spotify playlists yet, you're doing it all wrong. And if you don't recognize her name, you might know her as Cait Fairbanks, Emmy-nominated Young and the Restless actress. The pop singer and acclaimed actress has blessed us with a music video for her latest bop, "The Inbetween."

The song matches the music video: upbeat and sweet yet sharp. Although it wasn't the original plan, Ginesse and co. decided to shoot the video in one long shot, and the impromptu choice proved a good one. If you find yourself moved by the movement, it's because the brilliant mind of Marguerite Derricks choreographed the piece. Derricks and Ginesse met on the set of Heathers: The Musical and joined forces again for "The Inbetween."

"She is such a strong woman and I look up to her so immensely and an artist and as a human being," Ginesse said of Derricks. "She's choreographed so many iconic scenes and shows, and I felt so honored she wanted to collaborate on this video."

The song itself is real and relatable; it's about the period between being friends with someone before it becomes something more. The concept and execution came quickly to Ginesse; it only took her a few hours to finish. "I'm a pretty cautious person overall so I don't like taking that risk," she said of crossing the line from friend to more-than-friends. "When someone means so much to your life, is it worth it to see if there's more? I'm not sure in every situation that it's the right move. I let go of my expectations for how the song should go and how my life was going at the moment and I started to feel very present and happier in general."

Watch the premiere of "The Inbetween" below:

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