Versace's new Fall/Winter 2017 Bruce Weber-photographed campaign stars Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss looking like the moms of your dreams: they've got hot husbands, cute kids, and amazing Versace wardrobe. Despite some criticism here and there (primarily over the fact that at 21-years-old, Hadid is an odd casting choice to play the mom of two toddlers but, hey, fashion is fantasy!), the response has been overall pretty positive, especially in the brand's portrayal of an inter-racial family. Now Versace has released "Chicago Is My Beat," Weber's video that shows the models walking around the Windy City and interacting with Chicago residents including a dance crew and teenage girls hanging outside. Of the inspiration for the clip, Weber said:

"The actor Robert Mitchum once told me, 'when you first get to a new town, always make friends with a Blonde'. Well, when I got to Chicago, I found my blonde in you, Donatella.

I wanted us to visit this city together because of its rich history and the spirit of love and harmony you feel in its music.

Chicago is going through a tough time at the moment and could use a little encouragement - just like we all need ever once in a while.

Because the kindness of its people helped me to make this photographs, I feel like I can now call Chicago 'my beat'.

Give it a watch below.

Splash photo by Bruce Weber

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