Donatella Versace and photographer Bruce Weber collaborated on a mom-themed fall 2016 ad campaign starring Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss.

In conversation with Vanessa Friedman at The New York Times, Versace had this to say about the #vibes:

Versace's image is so much about the red carpet. But I wanted to make day clothes fierce. You know: She's a superstar, and she runs her business, and she runs her family too.

Naturally, this is why Versace hit up Karlie and Gigi of all models, and not, say, an actual mom-model or someone mom-age, right? If a power mom is a mom who has it all-- a balance of work-mom life, a beautiful wardrobe, etc-- then where do two borderline teenagers factor here?

Tyler McCall at points out the not-so obvious:

Never mind that the children in question look to be at least 7 or 8 years old — meaning Hadid and Kloss would have become mothers at 14 and 16, respectively — they also just don't look like moms.

Aesthetically, the campaign looks to die for. And by "die for" I mean there's one very clear message here: women die after 29. The ad, while beautiful and totally #goals, perpetuates an unhealthy preoccupation with youth.

Also, as a woman who is not a mom but definetly has a mom body, I am both deeply triggered and insulted Versace didn't just ask me to be in this campaign. But yay interracial babies!!!!!


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