Get Your "Zef" Fix With Die Antwoord's Video, "Baby's On Fire"

We're consistently fascinated by Die Antwoord and their self-proclaimed "Zef" culture (read a description of the South African "white trash"-esque sub-population here) and so we were kinda psyched to get a bigger glimpse of their (satirized) Afrikaans-speaking zef world in this (slightly) NSFW video for "Baby's On Fire."  (Though what does appearing in campaigns for Alexander Wang do to their "zef" credibility?) In the vid, Yo-Landi and Ninja play brother and sister though note that the two actually have a kid together (but proclaim to just be "friends").  Anyway.  Ninja tries to thwart his "sister's" suitors while he himself cavorts with a bevy of chicks -- not surprisingly it's entertaining to watch even if we can't understand 90% of the things they say (thank you subtitles!). 

And, lest you think these two always rocked the zef-meets-alien look, think again:

That trio would look pretty cute having a Williamsburg brunch at Marlow & Sons, don't ya think?

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